About BIG

The Business Impact Group (BIG) is a creative, innovative, and professional environment where students can engage with real local businesses to learn how to develop and implement business solutions. We are committed to student development through consulting opportunities where they learn valuable real-life skills. Our projects and events strive to positively impact the local Seattle business community beyond the bottom line. Students are able to contribute every skill that they learn from class to serve businesses in need through the undergraduate consulting programs we offer.

Our Mission Statement: 

The Business Impact Group is a learning laboratory that provides students real-world consulting experience they can use to jumpstart their careers and grow businesses in underserved communities. 

How to Get Involved:

The primary way students get involved with BIG is by joining our quarterly consulting projects! Please see the BIG Consulting tab for much more information about these projects and how participation will benefit you as an individual and your community. We are also looking for qualified students to join our executive team for next year. Please see the Join Us page to submit applications.

Consulting and Business Development Center

The Business Impact Group is supported by the Consulting & Business Development Center in the Foster School of Business. The Center connects BIG students with three local businesses and industry professional mentors to work with each quarter in the BIG Consulting Program.  Since 1995, they have been dedicated to engaging students in learning experiences that bolster the competitiveness of businesses in undeserved communities. The Center's work in the community and with University of Washington students has generated over $100 million in new revenue for local business and created more than 100,000 jobs across Washington. BIG is proud to be affiliated with the Consulting & Business Development Center and we invite you to join us in our efforts to improve the local economy one BIG project at a time.