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Community Development Consulting Program

Business Impact Group's new Community Development Consulting Program (CDCP) provides free consulting services to small businesses and community-based organizations. Through this program—which is entirely student-run—we aim to accelerate economic and social growth, with a focus on underserved regions of the Puget Sound region and the Pacific Northwest. 

How we partner with small businesses

Small businesses and community-based organizations 


Where we drive impact

2 / We then pair your company with a 5-person team of student consultants and a Project Manager.
4 / The team will meet weekly with the client (or submit a written deliverable) to receive updates on progress and ensure that deliverables align with business needs.

1 / We begin by understanding your main pain points and how we can provide value.

3 / The team will work with you to finalize the scope of the project and create a detailed plan for the quarter-long (~6 weeks) project.
5/ Each project concludes with a presentation along with a final report which summarizes our research and provides evidence-based recommendations based on feasibility, impact, and timeline.

How It Works

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