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Foster Consulting Program

The Foster Consulting Program is a quarterly six-week program run by the Business Impact Group and the Foster Consulting & Business Development Center. We create several teams of five student consultants and one project manager to provide consulting services to local businesses who are facing difficulties or challenges. This program gives students a chance to gain real-world business experience while servicing their community.



Applications for Winter Quarter are now closed.
Please fill out this form to be notified when applications go live for spring quarter.

Freshman Consultant

Responsibilities are the same as described in the traditional consultant role. This program is open to students in their first year of their undergraduate degree. There is one freshman consultant per team.


​Examine and discover client-facing challenges. Research and develop creative business solutions to address the client's problem. Utilize business expertise to effectively present solutions to client in a digestible manner. There are four consultants per team.

Project Manager

Leads the team of 5 consultants in meetings throughout the project. Defines the project scope and develops a project management plan. Facilitates communication between the client, consultants, and advisors. There is one project manager per team.

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